Write an essay about art made in China during the Mao era and how this art contributed and portrayed its politics.

gain a lot of insights about art made in China during the Mao era and how this art contributed and portrayed its politics. For instance, The Founding Ceremony of the Nation’ art portrays art as a unifying factor as it shows how the leaders, and the people were united and supported the Peoples’ Republic of China’s new leadership. The lecture added significant knowledge to my current experience and understanding of Chinese art. In particular, I did know that the Chinese have a rich history in art but learned that this was largely a result of government support.I did learn about Mao Zedong’s era as the leader of the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC), which began in 1949 until he died in 1976. The PRC resulted from the 1945-1949 Chinese civil war and was founded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). During Mao’s era, the most extensive campaigns included the Korean war, Anti-Rightist Movement, Three and five antis, the Great Leap Forward, and the Second Five-year plan. These different campaigns played an important role in shaping the direction of the country’s art, as most of the artists produced art that reflected on these movements and their activities. Mao loved art and greatly supported it. He posits that art is for everyone and inclusive, and there is no such thing as art for class or art independent of politics. Instead, he viewed art as a unifying factor and argued that people’s everyday life has vast material for art and literature. Thus, he championed the unity of politics and art. Because of his art stand, during his reign, governmental support for art grew substantially. However, the art was controlled by CCP as they determined the kind of art to be circulated, published, or exhibited.Art during the Mao era also had a significant influence on its politics. Pieces of art developed during this era depict the nation’s art and politics. For instance, the Dong Xiwen’ The Founding Ceremony of the Nation’ art is an excellent piece of art that shows Chairman Mao Zedong and fellow Communist leaders inaugurating PRC at the Tiananmen Square. Several other works of art depicted the rich culture and history of the region, such as Guohua’s. This land is such beautiful art. I understand that art fosters a sense of unity, which has also been depicted in the lecture. For instance, there are pieces of art of Xin Liliang of Mao in people’s homes showing how Mao gives them a happy life and warm love. Overall, I learned a lot from the class discussion concerning Chinese art during the Mao era, and I admit it indeed has a rich history. It was an era where the government greatly supported art.