Write an argumentative essay on Moral issues.

Write an argumentative essay on Moral issues. At the end of the section, there are 28 arguments (examples 104-132) on a variety of moral issues. Choose an argument that advances a conclusion you disagree with and explain what you think is wrong with the argument. First, identify the argument (by number), then briefly explain what the argument is about, and then state your objection. The purpose of this assignment is to see that you know how to raise a relevant objection to an argument. This is an essential critical thinking skill. As you learn from the study guide, a relevant objection to an argument is not that the conclusion is false. In writing your essay, then, you should not focus on the conclusion of the argument. If the conclusion is false, there must be something wrong with the argument leading to that conclusion: either it has a false premise, or the reasoning is flawed, or both. So, a relevant objection to an argument targets one of the premises or the reasoning, not the conclusion. Of course, merely stating that a premise is false or that the reasoning is flawed is not enough. You must back up your objection with a reasoned defense. If you claim that a premise is false, what reasons do you have for saying this? If the argument is invalid, show that the conclusion does not follow from the premises (for example, by the method of comparative reasoning). To receive full credit for this assignment, please follow the instructions below.This is a short essay, so be concise and to the point.Directly address the essay question, as explained above.Demonstrate that you can write at a college level. This is not a text message. You should write in standard English, using correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph construction.