write about marijuana or about abortion. (

ARGUMENT FINAL DRAFT DUE DATE CANNOT BE EXTENDED. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Unless you are in the hospital or have an equivalent major personal emergency.) Requirements: At least six pages long, or at least 1,500 words. The Works Cited page is not counted as part of these six pages. Review the plans for organizing on page 179. Your thesis statement must take a position. You must use SIX REPUTABLE SOURCES, following the rules you learned in Module 2. You must correctly cite your sources using MLA Style as discussed in Module 3. You will have both quotes and paraphrases cited using in-text citations, and every source you cite in the text will appear on the alphabetical Works Cited list. NOTE: You may NOT write about marijuana or about abortion. (I have read way too many papers on these topics over the years and am burned out on them.) At the end, include the Works Cited list for your 6 sources. The Works Cited list is in alphabetical order and goes on a new page, and is NOT COUNTED toward your page requirement of six pages. REQUIRED SOURCES: You must use sources from at least two of the OSUIT library’s databases, such as Academic Search Premier, Newspaper Source Plus, Films on Demand, CQ Researcher, and others. One of your sources must be from a legitimate, bona fide news source, as discussed in Module 2. (You are not limited to the websites I listed for you in Module 2.) You may NOT use an encyclopedia or a dictionary as a source. Check with the instructor if you find yourself wanting to use the Bible. Citing sacred texts is not appropriate for every topic.Show more