Write a paper on why college athletes are getting paid.

Write a paper on why college athletes are getting paid.Issue Proposal Instructions Research Project Overview This semester, you’ll be conducting research on an issue of interest to you. Since you’ll be reading and writing extensively on the issue, it’s important that you choose a research topic that you really want to know more about. In addition to choosing an issue that interests you, you need to choose an issue that is current (sources published within the last six months), one that is likely to have sources available, and one that has generated some discussion and debate. The Research Project includes these assignments: Issue Proposal (2-3 pages) Annotated Bibliography of sources related to your topic (at least 8 entries) Exploratory Essay (4-5 pages) Research Position Paper (6-8 pages) Presentation of Research Position Paper (multi-media presentation) All parts must be completed in order to receive credit for each one. That means if you change the topic along the way, you’ll need to do all of the writing assignments for the new topic, even if you have already completed them for a previous topic. The Issue Proposal (adapted from Wood, Perspectives) For this assignment, you will write an essay proposing the issue you would like to research and write about for the Research Project. You will explain the controversy surrounding your chosen issue and explain why you want to write about this issue, what you already know, and what you still need to learn. The purpose of this essay is not to make an argument about the issue; the purpose of this essay is to propose the topic you want to write about for the research project. The focus of the paper is to convince your audience that this is a workable topic for the research project. The Issue Proposal will help you organize and develop your thoughts for the longer papers in this project. As you consider possible issues for your research, you may want to do some background reading to make sure that 1) you are truly interested in the issue, 2) your issue is current enough to allow you to find sources published within the last six months, and 3) you can find enough sources to support sustained research on the topic. The issue you choose must be arguable (there is disagreement about the issue), significant (it′s important, there is something at stake in the issue), and timely (it′s important now). The Issue Proposal requires that you identify a controversy, not a general topic. ′Topic′ is the general subject area. ′Issue′ is the specific controversy about the topic. A topic may have several issues. An issue, however, should have only one topic. As noted in the Choosing an Issue lecture, avoid choosing ″popular″ topics that have been overdone. These topics tend to be too broad (they are not yet issues), too simplistic (for/against), and/or have been written about so many times that it is challenging for students to formulate a new and original response to the issue. When choosing a topic, avoid arguments, such as abortion or gun control, that have created long-standing debates with little resolution between the opposing sides, unless there is recent legislation or proposed legislation that has created a new controversy about the issue. Also, avoid arguments about religion or topics that try to persuade based on religious preferences. Topics to avoid: Legal Drinking AgeGlobal Warming Capital Punishment Impact of Technology/Social Media ImmigrationAbortion Legalization of MarijuanaGun ControlEuthanasia Same-sex marriageVaccinationCOVID-19 Once you have selected an issue, make sure that you have identified an arguable issue. This means that not only is there a controversy involving a topic, there are well-supported arguments for several perspectives. (Review the Choosing an Issue lecture for further guidance). Then write an Issue Proposal that responds to all of the following items: Introduce the issue by explaining the “exigence” or problem surrounding the issue. (What is the controversy? What caused this issue? What are the different viewpoints on this issue?) Present the problem surrounding the issue in question form. (Think of this as the question you would like pursue/answer in your research. This question may change as you learn more about the issue.) Explain why this issue is compelling to you. (Why are you interested in this issue?) Describe what you already know about it (and how you know it). Explain what more you need to learn and would like to learn about the issue. Discuss how you plan to find this information. Discuss what specific audiences (not ″American people″ or ″everyone″) would be interested in learning about your ideas on the topic. (Who cares about this issue? What audiences would want to know more about this issue? Who would you mail a copy of your paper to? If you were giving a presentation on this issue – who should be in the audience?) Write 2-3 pages (not 1½ or 1¾) in MLA Style in 12pt. Times New Roman font. Evaluation Criteria Final Draft: Includes a snappy title that catches the reader’s attention and indicates the topic and argument. Identifies an arguable/contestable issue appropriate to the assignment and Presents the issue in question form, Provides well-developed reasons about your relationship to the issue: why you this issue is compelling to you, what you already know about this issue, and what you need to learn and how you will find this information. Answers the “so what” and “who cares” question by explaining why the research topic is significant and to whom. Supports reasons with thoughtful, well-developed examples anecdotes, ideas, and questions. Comes across as a credible writer, and appeals to the values and emotions of the audience. Develops a seamless, coherent, and well-organized argument. Sentences are lively, engaging, and relatively error free. If outside sources are used, they are used effectively and integrated smoothly to help substantiate or support points. If outside sources are used, there is proper attribution to each source cited via in-text parenthetical citation and a correctly formatted Works Cited page. Write 2-3 pages (not 1½ or 1¾) in MLA Style in 12pt. Times New Roman font.