Write a paper on the History of the agency.

Write a paper on the History of the agency.For Term Paper Number 1 you are being asked to pick a federal agency – USCIS ( U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) and provide a research report on the agency and its procedures. Your report will come in two parts and should include the following components: THE AGENCY History of the agency The problem that gave rise to the agency being created Any subsequent developments that caused an expansion or reduction of authority Governance Structure Current officers Limitations on who may be appointed Term, etc. The agencys powers and duties The operations of the agency Budget Employees Regional activity Topics or subareas which the agency has issued rules Major court decisions related to the constitutionality of the agency or its operations Recent issues the agency has faced or is facing GUIDE TO PRACTICE You are also being asked to provide an explanation or guide to the common person on how to interact with the agency (for complex agencies limiting your scope to the RI or New England office is acceptable). Here are some items you should think about including: How does someone file an application? Copies of the actual applications with instructions How does someone administratively appeal an adverse finding? Office locations, contacts, etc. There is no minimum or maximum length, as the complexity of the agency will determine the volume of your product. On the other hand, the more obscure the agency, the more difficult it will be to find resources on it to produce a comprehensive result. Reproduction of an agency publication will not suffice. Final products should be typed in in a 12 point standard font with footnotes. Appendices are acceptable, and expected. Citations are mandatory as usual.Show more