Write a paper on comparison and contrast artworks.

Write a paper on comparison and contrast artworks.Visit a virtual museum or gallery for your research: For this assignment you will conduct a virtual museum or gallery visit in order to write a comparison/contrast paper. There are many museums in your state, around the country and the world that offer virtual access. Begin by locating a museum for a virtual visit. A couple notes: A virtual visit does not have to be a 360 degree tour. It can be a review of the artworks that they have. The main idea is that you experience the artworks. The artworks should fall in the art periods that we are covering in this course (prehistoric times to the 14th century). Here are a few resources to get you started: Virtual Museum Tours around the world or 19 immersive museum exhibits or 17 Museums you can visit from your living room. or Ancient Egyptian Art Artifacts ASSIGNMENT: During your virtual visit to the museum/gallery Choose TWO ARTWORKS to write a comparison and contrast paper. The artworks can be of any type (sculpture, painting, etc,). You might want to choose one work you like and one you are not sure about or choose two artworks with different styles or techniques. I have attached a couple of resources to help with preparing for the virtual visit and taking note. NOTE: the worksheet contains the required topics for the assignment. Use it as guidance and making sure that you address the required topics. You DO NOT have to submit your worksheet with your paper! Analyze the works of art you have chosen: Once you have completed your virtual visit, you will then COMPOSE A TWO-PAGE PAPER using the information you observed/recorded along with other interesting elements from your visit. This is a very standard compare and contrast paper and it should include correct grammar and spelling. The paper should be in a MS Word document format (.docx or .doc) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) and use MLA formatting. You must also include: The name and link to the virtual Museum/gallery that you visited For each artwork include the name of the artist, title, date and medium Analyze and discuss the different ways the artists have used the visual elements such as color, contrast, balance – etc.