Write a paper on Applying Piaget’s Theory of Assimilation.

Write a paper on Applying Piaget’s Theory of Assimilation.A Russian family moved to the United States two years ago. In Russia, the father was a doctor, but he does not speak English well. Although he was a renown surgeon in Russia, he has been unable to get his medical license in the United States. He is currently working as a nurse in a Queens hospital in New York. He left Russia because he feared religious persecution. The family are Muslims. Religious leaders helped them leave the United States. The wife worked as a teacher in Russia. Currently she is not working. She has been suffering from mild depression because of the family’s changed economic and social position. She has made few English-speaking friends and tends to spend her time with her Russian speaking friends. There are two children in the family. When they arrived in the United States the son was aged 5 ad the daughter is 12. The boy had just started kindergarten in Russia; the girl had attended a progressive school and taken English since she was 6. In her private school in Russia the daughter was very accomplished. She enjoyed debating, working in the community, and sports. She was an excellent student. When they arrived in the United States and were tested both the boy and girl were placed in El classes. The family lives in a Russian community in Queens, NY. During the pandemic last year both students learned remotely. Use Piaget’s theories of schemas, accommodation, and assimilation to predict how you this family will adjust to being the United States. In your discussion: Identify each student’s cognitive development stage Define and apply the terms schema, assimilation, and acculturation in this scenario. Explain how the pandemic would have affected these stages of development. This year as school is resuming in person the daughter is going to be in your class. What problems would you anticipate during the semester? Your friend, who does not have experience in TESOL, will instruct the son. What advice would you give your friend?Show more