WRITE A PAPER ABOUT TECHNOLOGY.You can use any platform to post / host your blog – we would suggest Blogger / WordPress / Google Docs as three reasonably simple platforms. This is a two part blog critical responding to two papers and involving a formative feedback loop. Blog / Paper #1 This should be a paper from the pre-reading for weeks 1-5, the paper needs to be critiqued exploring (some of) the following questions: Analytical Questions What ideas / papers have influenced this paper? What are the key areas / disciplines / ideas that are being explored? What broad fields of inquiry or ideas is the paper drawing on? Where does this paper sit in the range of ideas in this area? Is it mainstream or more of an outrider? How is this author viewed by their peers? What papers / literature has this paper influenced? Methodolgocial Questions What is the main contribution to knowledge that the paper is claiming? What conceptual frameworks / theories are being quoted? What wider body of knowledge is the author drawing on? What is the core methodology that underpins the research? How was the data collected? How was the data analysed? Does the evidence / argument presented substantiate the claims being made? Does the author have a biased / prejudiced position?Show more