Write a Letter to the Editor.

Write a Letter to the Editor.***Healthcare Policy issue to address: Cost of healthcare and prescription drugs!!! *** Includes 4-5 evidence-based and peer-reviewed references listed as a separate page and references cited in appropriate APA format.*** Assignment Summary Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to address a health policy issue or topic that you are passionate about while providing you with the opportunity to identify problems and explore solutions that are viable through health policy. Guidelines: Identify a health policy issue or topic that you are passionate about and that you would like to address. Decide who your target audience should be for sending in your letter. Is it your local newspaper? Your statewide nursing organization? The Washington Post? Keep in mind, a letter to the editor is appropriate for communicating concerns related to a wide variety of topics. This is a great way to address policy initiatives focused on health care policy or public health initiatives. Write the letter following the outline below: What are you writing about? What is the problem/issue/health policy/topic that you want to address specific information relevant to your community or to healthcare policy? Who you are and why are you qualified to write about the topic? For example, nurse in an inner-city health clinic, nurse in an emergency room, nurse in (name your setting or experience background), professional nurse with case studies, etc. *** Labor and delivery nurse & outpatient pediatrics nurse *** What you are proposing for a policy approach/solution? What do you want your target audience to do, for example support or sponsor a certain piece of legislation? What suggestions are you offering regarding your topic/health policy initiative?