Write a hair testimony essay.

Write a hair testimony essay.. An introductory paragraph addressing the following questions:a. Who are you?b. Why are you here?c. Remember: do not cite specific information about hair within youropening statement to the jury.2. A body paragraph in which you educate the jury about hair.a. Include a graphic or visual aid. Cite the source of your picture.b. Define all terms.c. Describe what characteristics or traits to look for when analyzing hair.• Macroscopically• Microscopically3. Another body paragraph in which you convince the jury why you believea particular suspect is a match to the hair found at the crime scene.a. Recall that hair is class evidence, and describe how it pertains toyour argument.b. Recall that the hair could have been left at the crime scene priorto the murder.c. Your job is to convince the jury that the crime-scene hair evidenceis a match to a particular suspect.4. A concluding paragraph in which you:a. Summarize your findings.b. Remind them you