Write a book review on the story of gilgmash.

Write a book review on the story of gilgmash.This is the main version of the story we reading.Epic of Gilgamesh – SandarsThe Epic of Gilgamesh is a story told by the Mesopotamians as a way of working out ethical and moral issues. It teaches what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, particularly of a king. Gilgamesh goes on a quest that ultimately imparts wisdom through hardship and suffering. He returns a good king. The story contains several themes which are recurring issues and events that inform the audience of how the Mesopotamians understood their world. Choose ONE theme and explore how that theme develops or is portrayed in the epic. This requires you to analyze the text and decipher meaning from it. This will require a second or more reading of the text. Themes: (have to do one of the following)Tension between Cities and the WildernessAspects of City LifeInteraction between rulers and subjectsFriendshipImmortalityLeadership qualities of a KingThe role of dreamsHow women are portrayed1000 words minimumThese are three different translations or versions and two analyses of the epic. You must include and cite at least three of the documents. I do not care what type of citation style you use.