Write a book review on A Doll′s House

Write a book review on A Doll′s House A Doll′s House (text or performance), or Medea. Discuss a topic that connects them. You may refer to and use examples from your homework, if it applies. It is not enough to say this topic exists in both texts. Instead, analyze the texts based on your topic and explicate the importance of this topic utilizing them in comparison (do not contrast). Answer questions such as, but not limited to: What does this topic convey about the society and its workings within the text (refer to the society explained in the story)? Is this society successful under the lens of this topic, or not? If successful – when and why? If not successful, when and why? How does this topic help the reader understand the play/story, characters, setting, lesson/moral? Which characters demonstrate this topic, and how are others involved within the parameters of this topic? What may have the author intended the audience to learn/discover? You may also do a character to character analysis. Come and talk to me about this option. *The essay must contain a thesis/claim and support for that claim. The essay must contain references (pages, quotes, timestamps etc.) as support – no long quotes since the essay is so short. No work cited page needed.