Will the Eli and Edythe Broad be a patron?

The citations need to be in apa 7 format -LOI grade= F see attached grading grid Hi Kyle, There are multiple things to work on. The most pressing are the citation problems or missing citations. The extensive data is unclearly cited or not at all cited. Since one of the main goals of this class is to learn basic research writing skills, it is a big shortcoming in the paper when the citations are off. We are in MLA format. All the Works Cited must be changed to this format. Who is the patron? Choose a foundation that will give you a grant for your program. Will the Eli and Edythe Broad be a patron? Reduce the scope of your plan. Choose one-two things that can be done successfully to help. Do not ″reform″ the homeless. (Many homeless do not want reformation) Instead provide a service that you can imagine the details for. Decide exactly how many you can serve successfully. ^^that was my final grade and response from my teacher