Why do you think Lloyd is using these terms?

Lloyd is a 23 year old single male who chose to move to Dallas, Texas instead of going to college. He has been working as a plumbers assistant for the last couple of years and will soon get his union membership. “Then I could bid on city jobs and make a very comfortable living.” As it is, he makes pretty good money when jobs are around. During lean times he works on cars and motorcycles on the side. He reports an active social life with his friends and all of them do some type of drug or another. Last year Lloyd tested positive for HIV. Hes not really sure how he got it. He is always very careful about his needles so someone must have spiked the dope. He doesnt want to go into it but he was really pissed off and angry when he got the news. He tells you; HIV is clearly a Republican plot to wipe out the Liberal Democrats. Since he works as an independent contractor, he has no insurance. And I sure as cant get insurance today with my HIV status. Consequently, paying for his medication that his doctor has prescribed has been sporadic at best. He has prescriptions for AZT and protease inhibitors but he has not been able to take them consistently because they are too expensive. Either way you look at it Im screwed. Lloyd prefers to do speedballs when he can score those drugs. He loves the rush and even boasts that he can get a full count (1 gram) thats at least a “……ten hitter for a C note. Most bumpers on the street will have to pay twice as much for half the quality. Lloyd says he doesnt do any other drugs but has tried them all. Occasionally he will drink some Scotch but lately his stomach has been really giving him trouble. Sometimes it will feel like multiple stab wounds in my gut that go on for hours. It really has me scared. Hes seen his doctor and she prescribed some Demerol and an antacid. Hes pretty sure its related to his HIV. Lloyd tells you quite frankly that when he gets too bad and too sick from the AIDS hell take himself out. Hey, I think of suicide from time to time. If it gets really bad? I mean the AIDS thing? I life get too unbearable, I know I dont have to take it. 1. Lloyd states that he prefers to do speedballs. Based on your readings, please describe what a speedball is? 2. Based on the information Lloyd has given you, what would your initial assessment be? 3. What would your recommendation for treatment and medical intervention be for Lloyd based on your assessment? 4. What pharmacological interventions would you suggest Lloyd look into regarding both his medical condition and his drug history? 5. Lloyd uses a number of street terms you may not be familiar with. How would you handle a client like Lloyd who uses street terms you may not recognize or understand? Why do you think Lloyd is using these terms? 6. What do you think about Lloyds statements of suicide? How would you handle this issue with Lloyd?Show more