Why do you do service? For self-interest or altruism?

minimum of five (5) pages excluding, title page, abstract, subheadings, appendices, and 5 references. APA Style 7th Edition The 5 References cannot me be more than 5 years old. The paper must answer all 7 questions: 1. Why do you do service? For self-interest or altruism? 2. What are your thoughts on volunteerism? 3. Over the next two years, whats one issue or challenge you would like to be a more respected authority on? How will this be a challenge for you? 4. What class materials stood out to you? Why? 5. How do you define community? 6. Discuss a social problem that you have come in contact with personally or through course content. What do you think are the root causes of this problem? Explain how your service may or may not contribute to its alleviation. 7. How would you motivate others to become involved in service-experiences? What would you say to them? The paper is going to be about how I feel about volunteering and giving back to an under deserved communities. I’m in a Health and Science Class- Service Learning please discuss in the paper how I admire Jane Adams work and the inequalities that African Americans had to overcome in the 1950s-1960s because of their race because this is the class material that stood out for me. I considered to volunteer because of self-interest and I have a passion for helping others. You can use word I since this is a reflection paper. Please follow my instructions for the paper.Show more