Why do we still read, watch, and care about plays today?

Due Saturday 10/23 3-5 pp (1375- 1500 words) This paper should have a strong thesis, a more rigorous analysis than the last, and a more wide-reaching conclusion. Create your own unique title relating to your analysis. Make sure that your title refers to your thesis in detail. Remember that the key is analysis, not a summary. Not what, but so what! The key to any closely argued literature paper lies in two distinctive features of literary analysis: Close reading: Argue each point with detailed reference to the text. With the exception of the introduction and concluding paragraph, every paragraph of your essay should include multiple citations from the text. Its even fine if the intro and conclusion also include brief citations. o Speculative analysis: This microscopic attention to the text should advance a larger speculative thesis. This thesis answers a big question, and the answers should not be plot-driven: its about meaning, not events. Try in conclusion to consider the long reach of Shakespeare into 2020. Why do we still read, watch, and care about plays today? Suggested Topics: 1. CHOOSE YOUR OWN: Always the best option. This option is for you to decide how well you can use Critical Analysis on an assignment.Show more