Who is your role model for leadership?

1. Who is your role model for leadership? Using leadership theories we learned, explain why he/she is your role model. It can be anyone (e.g., sports player, politician, religious person, your manager, or your parents) except for those people we talked about in our case study. Examples include My role model successfully led his team with high-level of knowledge, My role model displays strong transformational leadership.
2. Over the years and across many industries, we have seen many extremely outspoken leaders (e.g. Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay, or Vince Lombardi). These leaders are seen as abrasive and sometimes are cruel in their management tactics to achieve high performance (i.e., abusive leadership). 1) What do you think about the abusive leadership? 2) How does such leadership affect his/her subordinates and the team? 3) What coping strategies do abused subordinates prefer?