Where did the energy provided by the meal end up in your body?

Pretend you are explaining this to a random stranger on the street. Keep it simple, but use proper terminology. Be sure to comment on the body’s priority system of energy use and storage (for example, Where does the glucose go first?). Questions You’ve been studying and working on homework all day and you need a break! You order a large pepperoni pizza to share with your roommate. You eat three slices along with a can of Pepsi. Afterwards, you decide that you are done with school work for the day, so you watch TV for a few hours before going to bed. 1. Where did the energy provided by the meal end up in your body? Think about all three energy-yielding macronutrients and be sure to mention which pizza/Pepsi ingredients contain them. Don’t forget about current energy needs. Protein Carbohydrates Fat 2. It’s 6 AM. You have a busy day ahead of you, so you decide to go to the gym and run on the treadmill before school instead of after. You leave the house in a hurry, skipping breakfast. The last thing you ate was the pizza you had for dinner at 7 PM last night. What is fueling your 60-minute workout? And where did this fuel come from? Think about both your muscles and your brain. 2. Brain