What you think is the most important event in US History (1877-2008)?

Goal: Download the SOAP template to help you design a holistic patient care plan. a persuasive, argumentative paper about what you think is the most important event in US History (1877-2008). Obviously we still have some ground to cover in our class, so I’m keeping the paper as simple as possible so you still have a little time to make up your mind about what event you want to use. Key elements: There’s three main things that I’m going to be looking for in your paper. The first is a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the cornerstone around which any argument is based. A thesis statement for your paper should look something like “X is the most important event in US history because A, B, and C reasons.” The second thing is a well constructed argument. It’s all fine and dandy to have a thesis statement, but, if your argument doesn’t make sense or doesn’t match with the thesis statement, then the thesis statement doesn’t really matter. So, I’m really gonna be paying attention to how you’re making your arguments. Third, excellent grammar and language mechanics. It’s important to make sure that your writing is clear, concise, and understandable. You can have the best argument in the world, but if I can’t read what you wrote, it really makes the argument pointless.