What surprised you about the experience?

Key Requirements You must write your response/reflection in full sentences. This means that you complete your thoughts, not just responding with the what, but the why, how and in what ways. I am looking for your to demonstrate your ability to reflect and articulate your own experiences. This assignment should be 250 – 500 words in length. Roughly, 1/2 – 1 page single spaced. You should use the chapters contents to help support your reflection. That is, demonstrate that you have considered different aspects of sensation and perception. Full credit reflections will include clear writing free of major grammatical errors. Complete statements, including the what and why (how, or in what ways). Be clear and desсrіptive in your reflection Experiencing Blindness Take 60 minutes at home to experience what it is like to be blind. You should blindfold themselves and keep you eyes closed to resist peaking or getting feedback via light. Try different things that normally require vision, such as getting dressed, doing chores, eating and drinking, watching TV, going shopping, getting something to eat, etc. (Note: Its best to do these tasks with someone around who can make sure you don’t hurt yourself. ) Take notes about your experience afterwards. What did you hear, feel, smell, and taste that helped you “see” what you were doing? Was it difficult or easy? What surprised you about the experience? What did you learn about your use of vision from this exercise?