what marketing strategy would you recommend for Blue Apron?

This assessment task is that students perform a written case analysis of a case provided by the lecturer. The case is Blue Apron: Turning Around the Struggling Meal Kit Market Leader. Marking for the assessment follows the rubric also available on iLearn. The marking is not broken down between the two questions below, but rather each of the four rubric items are assess across the two questions. Questions to be answered regarding the case: 1) Perform a strategic analysis of Blue Apron in the meal kit delivery market taking into consideration: a) segmentation, b) consumer change, c) competitive responses and d) prioritisation of limited resources (e.g., the four principles from the textbook). 2) Using frameworks from the unit, and being specific regarding use of the 4Ps (e.g., product, price, place, promotion), what marketing strategy would you recommend for Blue Apron? Note: if there is information you feel you need thats not in the case, use your intuition to make reasonable assumptions, but do make those assumptions explicit in your answer. Please do not search the internet for additional information as it will not help you answer the above questions.Show more