What is the single most important principle to be mindful of in this case?

Please watch at least 3-4 of the provided short videos.Ethical Dilemma: The Burger Murders – George Siedel and Christine Ladwig [00:04:45]Would You Sacrifice One Person to Save Five? – Eleanor Nelsen [00:04:56]The Ethical Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars – Patrick Lin [00:04:15]Should You Trust Unanimous Decisions? – Derek Abbott [00:04:02]Heinz Dilemma [00:01:14]Ethical Dilemmas: Situations Involving Bullying [00:01:05]The Prisoner’s Dilemma Explained in One Minute [00:01:29]Case Study: Mr. Y [00:04:18]RESPONDHuman beings and their life events can be complex and challenging at times. This week’s discussion forum will offer an examination of unique, sensitive, and/or diverse considerations that psychology professionals should be mindful of.After watching at least 3-4 of the videos, please choose one to explore. Aim to choose one that your colleagues have not yet selected (unless all have already been chosen). With this example, provide the following:Which professional ethical code would you choose to consult for support in this dilemma?What is the single most important principle to be mindful of in this case? Underline your selected principle.If choosing the ACA, AACC, or APA, identify one relevant standard that applies in this case. In your state, what (if any) law exists that would be important to know regarding this pitfall?California Board of Psychology Laws and Regulation (opens in new window) is a helpful resource for CA laws that impact psychological practices. Reflect upon how your personal and professional history influences your choice of an ethical code. (Why is this important to you?)