What is the relationship between computer use self-efficacy of computer science education students and their demographic characteristics?

What is the relationship between computer use self-efficacy of computer science education students and their demographic characteristics? this is my research topic so please based on this topic do this homework. Here is more information.Description of Assignment Statement of Problem Research Questions Hypotheses Description Statement of the Problem One of the major parts of a research proposal is the problem statement. This section includes a clear statement of why the problem you are going to investigate is important and what gap in the literature you are addressing. This requires that relevant studies be reviewed in the available literature and a gap be determined, where no other study has addressed. Once the gap is determined, the problem is stated and is linked to the gap. For example, you might find that no previous research has examined the effect of students motivation on their performance in class, and then you state that in your Problem Statement. This establishes the significance of the study you have in mind. In order to establish the significance of the study, make sure to include citations to papers you found that discuss the importance of the construct, phenomenon, effect, or relationship youd like to investigate. Basically, this section needs to convince the reader clearly that this study is important and needs to be conducted. The significance not only needs to be practical but also academic. In other words, if your study is done, the findings will contribute to better practice by improving teaching, and at the same time it addresses a gap in the existing literature that no one has addressed, thus contributing to the research community. Therefore, please make sure to include both practical and academic significance of your problem. This way you are situating your work in the existing literature in a clear way. Research Questions You have already determined your topic of research in the last module. The next stage is to convert that to a question you like to investigate. A good research question should be clear and focused, and present your unique argument. Also, a good research question is for a study that is manageable and feasible within the timeframe and with the means and methods you are proposing. For additional guidelines for a good research question, you can see this links with examples: Hypotheses Based on what you studied in the existing literature, WHAT do you think you will find once you have conducted your study, and WHY? The what and why parts of this section can be answered by referring to already-published research plus your own arguments. Often the theories you choose to investigate a particular phenomenon or construct can give you great pointers as to what to expect your results to be and why. Therefore, please make sure to link your arguments and predictions to studies and theories in the literature, rather than to conjectures. For example, based on your review of literature and the theories of motivation you expect that high motivation can lead to better perseverance and higher learning outcomes. You can state this by citing studies and theories on motivation, and what they are predicting or have found. Your study doesnt necessarily have to confirm your hypothesis, but your initial hypothesis needs to be well-justified with relevant citations, theories, and literature. For each research question, make sure to include a hypothesis. Length Typically this part of a research proposal (SOP, RQs, and Hyps) should be 2-3 pages (excluding references) double spaced. Make sure to use the APA guidelines for all citations and the list of references. You do not need to write up the review of too many articles at this phase and in the statement of the problem section. You just need to include the articles that have the major theory you have chosen to answer your question, and a few studies to support your arguments. A more detailed and extensive review of literature can be left to be dealt with in the Literature Review section of the proposal, in the next few weeks. At this point, make sure to make your arguments clear and well-supported!Show more