What is Miss Polly Baker on trial for committing what crime?

What is Miss Polly Baker on trial for committing what crime? What does she think should be done rather than punishment? Miss Polly believes she is fulfilling what duty of God? Has she ever been on trial for this before? Who else does Miss Polly believe should be held accountable for her actions? Would this text have been received differently if Franklin had written it from his point of view? Why or why not? Explain yourself. Discussion. Answer in a paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details. You will need to reference your book or other sources to determine how society treated women . *NOTE: Franklin was not the only writer addressing the theme of unjust and unequal punishment directed at women who bore children out of marriage. “The Speech of Miss Polly Baker” is considered satire. While satire and comedy both employ humor, the goal of satire is to do more than entertain; it is to improve society through the use of humor. How do you think Franklin wanted to improve the society in which he lived? Do you think the society in which he lived is different from society today as far as how women are treated? Which part of the part of the piece did you find most effective for causing an audience to consider their actions and and improve their ways? NOTE: The Chicago Tribune commemorated Benjamin Franklin’s contributions to America in its January 17, 1900, edition. In the section highlighting reflections from family members, the writer observes, “Franklin was not a genius, in the ordinary sense of the word, but may, perhaps, be described as the incarnation of common-sense.” His satirical approach to addressing a social problem of his day with men carelessly abandoning and even condemning women who were with child outside of marriage, we see his genius common-sense on display. (The political skits on Saturday Night Live are examples of modern day political and social satire you may be familiar with.)