What does ADVINOW actually do?

WRITE IN BUSINESS MEMO FORMAT. FOLLOW POSTED EXAMPLES UNDER SECTION “HOW GET AN A.” Review the ADVINOW and the GENE EDITING videos. Respond to the following questions. 1. Describe where ADVINOW fits in the spectrum of healthcare services. Primary Care? Emergency? Hospital? 2. What does ADVINOW actually do? 3. Describe where GENE EDITING fits in the spectrum of healthcare services. 4. Describe 3 ways gene editing has DISRUPTED healthcare delivery. 5. Argue why a health administrator needs to know (or not) about gene editing. REFERENCES! I upload an example how my professor want to be business memo paper, and also I give you information advinow and gene editing. AdviNOW “AdviNOW Medical is the world’s first fully end-to-end provider augmentation platform. Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are used to completely automate around the provider and release them from the burdens of data collection and data documentation.” The provider is over-burdened with two-thirds of their time on data collection and documentation limiting the current throughput to 3 to 4 patients per hour. This leads to provider burnout and limits access of healthcare. The patient, without human assistance, naturally and easily completes registration, payment and a thorough patient interview to be guided to the most appropriate care medium given the chief complaint, predicted illnesses and treatment. The exam location can be at home, retail AI/AR teleclinic or to meet a provider in person in an AI augmented full-service clinic. The AI guides the patient using AR to take precision medical measurements (temperature, BP, blood oxygen, weight, ear, nose, throat images and chest, lung and abdomen audio recordings), and asks follow-up questions until the information for a clinical differential diagnosis is collected. The AI then delivers a complete working diagnosis to the provider with a breakdown of predicted illnesses with peer reviewed correlations to both objective and subjective information collected from the patient. The provider efficiently views the predictions, reviewing the exact logic behind each illness to confirm with the patient as well as the suggested customized assessment and treatment plan. The provider, using their medical expertise selects the diagnosis and treatment completing an efficient, accurate diagnosis and treatment in less than 2 minutes. The AI then completes the chart, scribes the SOAP in the EMR, places orders and delivers a customized discharge note to the patient. All documentation, coding and billing is completed by the AI, confirmed by the provider, increasing the patient velocity without sacrificing accuracy, consistency or patient satisfaction.” gene editing https://www.thegenehome.com/how-does-gene-therapy-work?msclkid=64aa7c36b04f1870d3141d1fe1d476d0&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Types%20-%20Next%20Level%20Knowledge&utm_term=gene%20editing&utm_content=Types%20Of%20Gene%20Therapy