What created the capability gap?

I need my essay attached to also include details for these requirements as well. Your essay must demonstrate how the FM model addresses the following items for the capability gap you chose: -what created the capability gap? (Strategic and operational requirements) -why are the chosen solution(s) the correct solutions? (JCIDS, DAS, AME, FD) -how are the effects, or risks, of the solution managed, or mitigated, through the FM process? (FD, FI, DAS) -how is prioritization determined and implemented? (PPBE, JCIDS, strategic requirement) -how is the solution officially codified and integrated into the force? (FD, FI). The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate your ability to apply the FM model. Answering the above questions requires you understand ELOs 8.1 – 8.4. To apply the FM model, you must understand the purpose behind the different processes. This starts with a comparative analysis of what occurred in the historical timeframe and the current process. Then, you must apply the concepts of today to what occurred in the past. What is the “so what” of the differences? How would things be different today? What would or would not have changed with what occurred in the past, or, what would today’s process do to preclude or create issues?