what are the purposes/objectives of the communication?

Initiate this week’s Critical Thinking Assignment by picking a current news story related to an award that an organization received. Newspapers, magazines, and business newsletters often are good sources. Using the chosen news story as a backdrop, develop the assignment according to the following scenario:

You are the senior leader in charge of the department receiving the award. You want to make sure that internal employees hear the news of recognition before reading it in the newspaper. You have started a list of questions for yourself that must be answered before you can initiate the internal communication plan:

What am I trying to accomplish; what are the purposes/objectives of the communication?
What is my overriding message and why?
Who should receive the message?
Does everyone receive the same communication?
Who should deliver the message?
How should the communication be distributed?
Now ask yourself: What have I missed? AND YOU ADD ANOTHER QUESTION!
Answer all the questions posed including the one you added. Develop a logical flow of information from beginning to end.