What are the Effect Of Covid To Education.

What are the Effect Of Covid To Education. Write an essay proposing a solution to a problem affecting a community or group to which you belong.Your tasks are to:Analyze the problemEstablish that it is serious enough to need solvingOffer a solution that will remedy the problem or at least help solve itLay out the particulars by which your proposed solution would be put into effectAddress your proposal to one or more members of the group or to outsiders who could help solve the problemTake into account readers’ likely objections to your proposed solution as well as their preferred alternative solutions; address opposing views with the language of concession and refutationHere is a checklist:Identify a specific problem, define the problem as clearly and specifically as you can, and explore its implications:What is the problem?Why is it a problem?How did it come to be; what or who caused it?What are its effects, consequences, or ramifications?Whom does it affect, to what extend, how positively or negatively?Why hasn’t this problem been solved yet; what obstacles stand in the way? Remember that part of your job is to convince your reader that the problem truly is a problem.Explore and select the best solution:What is your solution?What are its elements?Which aspects of the problem will it solve? How effectively?What alternative solutions exist?What benefits does each solution hold?Why are these not as good as the one you’ve selected as best?The Writing Process:You will write three drafts of each essay. The drafts will be submitted to a tutor and peer-reviewed in class.You will prepare the final draft based on the feedback you receive, submit it to Turnitin, and this draft will be graded.The rubric is attached to the submission link