What are the codes of ethics of these organizations?

BACKGROUND:ETHICAL, POLITICAL, AND SYSTEM MAINTENANCE ISSUES ON INFORMATION SECURITYASSIGNMENT:Part I: Information SecurityInformation security has been a theme that has appeared in movies frequently. For example, watch the following clips.http://www.youtube.com/user/VormetricInc?v=HS4dwpANUhAWe are going to review and apply what we have learned so far while having fun. Your task is to describe scenarios related to information security system or information security comprises in movies and TV series that you are familiar with. Be creative. In this assignment, you are required to write 3 pages discussing the following:•Include small movie summary of The Matrix (1999) and Jason Bourne (2016);•Cover at least three different information security aspects and issues.•Are they being depicted accurately as in real life?Part II: Standard OrganizationsThis part of the assignment requires you to reasearch the main organizations of information system and prepare a 3-page report to answer the following questions:1)What are the codes of ethics of these organizations?2)Discuss criteria that can be used to evaluate whether an information security system is a quality system, explain why you decide to use these criteria.