Understanding Socialism-Marxism-Communism.

Instructions from instructor: Open and read the attached links as part of the assignment. This essay will include at least 600 words. Double spaced- 12 font. The word count must be met. Assignments without the proper word count will receive a 0 for the grade. Take a cumulative approach by summing up the material and information to write the essay while referring to specifics from the videos and readings. Combine the material in various ways throughout the paper. One paragraph can incorporate more than one video or reading as it applies to what is being written. Watch all videos. Listen to the testimonials of those who lived under socialist-communist governments and regimes for this assignment. https://youtu.be/UhEkJ4noN68 https://youtu.be/HmDBTHxYZ7Q https://youtu.be/C1ybQWwLl4s https://youtu.be/dokiOdsdp2k https://youtu.be/3aaeLYPLd78 https://youtu.be/VzhxNDwcC5U Questions to consider writing the essay Think about the heavy hand of government. Listen to what is being stated in the videos. What type of government do you want? One of a Constitutional Republic, a government by and for the people, or a Socialist government in which the state is a one-party rule and controls how we live? What is the difference between public and private ownership? Does too much government impede freedoms? Is it really possible to combine the principles of communism with those of capitalism? What type of government do you want? How different might our lives be if America was a communist country? The questions to consider when writing your essay: Use the questions to critically think about the material provided while incorporating specific examples relevant from all the material presented. Do not answer the questions directly in the paper. The assignment requires incorporating and referring to specific examples from all the material presented and specifically referencing the articles/video material, while also incorporating your point of view that will create a more informative essay. Example: While (name of the person speaking in video) suggested that…. or the 30-second Politics referred to…. Develop and organize an essay. As with an essay, students will need a thesis statement.