The New Era and the Great Depression.

The New Era and the Great Depression Discussion, you first need to read chapters 22 and 23 in the textbook, The American Yawp. Then, in D2L watch and read the primary source documents, namely the short videos ″The Lost Cause Narrative″ and ″1915: Birth of a Nation-Hollywood′s first motion picture″ as well as Herbert Hoover′s speech ″Rugged Individualism″ (chapter 22) and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt′s ″First Inaugural Address″ (chapter 23). All of these short videos and primary sources are found under the ″Primary Sources″ folders in D2L for chapters 22 and 23 respectively. You can locate the ″Primary Sources″ folder for each chapter in D2L by going to the ″Content Items″ tab, the sub-tab ″Content″ and then clicking on ″Primary Sources″ folder for the chapter you need to access.Once you have done all of that, you are ready for Module 4: The New Era and the Great Depression Discussion. Remember, it is highly recommended that you first write your Discussion Post in