The effectiveness of home-to-stay smartphone app in preventing hospital readmissions among congestive heart failure patients: A rapid review of systematic reviews.

Project Final Output Length 2 pages maximum [1,000-1,200 words approximately], excluding the Reference list and any Appendices. The Project Final Output is worth 50% of the subject mark. It consists of a major report describing all aspects of your project. Details What will be sought in assessing the reports? Was given feedback utilised to revising and improving the report? Is the report coherent? How is the report presented (easy to follow, well laid out)? Grammar and sentence structure? Your project proposal must include in order: 1. Title page Your full name and student number. Your project Title 2. Executive Summary: (100- 150 words) Often this is the only bit of a report that most individuals read. Your executive summary will be assessed based on its ability to summarise the project and findings concisely and clearly. 3. Background: (250- 300 words) Clear articulation of aims, objectives and scope of the project. How the report conceptualised the project question and linked it project design? Succinctly written literature review of the literature that highlights the key knowledge gaps 4. Findings: (200- 300 words) How well has the scope of data collection been implemented to answer or address the project aims or objectives? What level of effort has been applied at compiling and analysing the data? Are the results clearly presented? Is there any evidence that the analysis has gone in innovative directions? Is there any evidence of initiative with regards to the types of analyses? 5. Discussion: (450- 500 words) How well does the report link the results to the aims of the project and to the literature? 6. Conclusions and limitations: (150- 250) Are the conclusions supported by the data collection and analysis? Are the limitations clearly identified? A commentary on the successfulness of the project. Were the aims are achieved, what do you consider to be the most important outcomes of the project and why? What were the major limitations to the project? A commentary on what aspects of the project, if any, you would change if you were to undertake the project again and why. 7. References: (No word limit) Is the report sufficiently and correctly referenced with appropriate and evidence based sources? : (No word limit) Are these, relevant, logical, and easy to follow? Do they convey the data well? Are they used effectively? Do they have appropriate titles and numbering? Style and format Reference style/format as per Author Date (APA7). Just to clarify for Assessment 3: Final Project OutputRapid Reviews ONLY you need to summarsie evidence from 10 of the best available systematic reviews or systematic reviews with and without meta-analysis published with the last 10 years (2011- 2021) If you included less than 10 articles or that do not meet the above requirement you will FAIL Assessment 3 As previously advised conducting a Rapid Review of Systematic Reviews or a Scoping Review of Systematic Reviews is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of time and effort.