The causes of the American Revolution.

In this essay, you will be analyzing and evaluating the causes of the American Revolution using both primary and secondary sources. In the process, you will be practicing one of the key skills in the historical thinking: evidence-based argumentation. Learning to make a clear argument that is supported by specific evidence is essential to the kind of critical thinking that your time in college should help you develop. Please ensure you read the following from the content of this unit: Assigned Readings: Ideas and Theories For and Against American Independence Primary Source: The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved Primary Source: Soame Jenyns and Samuel Johnson Events Contributing to the Rise of an Independence Movement in the Colonies see images below Then, in an essay of at least 5 paragraphs and 1000 words: Identify the main arguments used by supporters and opponents of American independence and why each side thought their viewpoint was correct. Then, identify the events portrayed in each of the three images and explain why they occurred, and combined with what happened after each event, show how they encourage support for independence. You should not limit yourself to discussing only these three events; simply use these three to help shape an analysis of various cause-effect relationships between the British and colonist actions. You should base your discussion with the information in the course content; outside research is not allowed.