Sydney Places and Objects Critical Analysis

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have always maintained connections to urban places such as Sydney. This critical analysis requires that you learn more about an Aboriginal place and/or object that illuminates Aboriginal Sydney’s unique historical, social, political and cultural life. To begin start locally by exploring the area in Sydney that you either live or work/study and identify one place or object you can visit or view in person. If you are impacted by Covid restrictions and cannot visit the place or view the object in person you may do this electronically/ virtually. Detail:1.Identify and briefly describe the place (e.g. a site, park, a walking trail, building) and/or object, (e.g. art work, commemorative plaque, statue). Include photos of the place and/or object you have visited or viewed (approx. 200 words).2.Critically analyse how the place and/or object relates to two themes in this course.3.Explain the significance of this place and/or object in assisting you and others to develop a deeper knowledge of Aboriginal Sydney past and present.