Rhetorical Analysis of a scholarly journal article about stephen cranes the open boat.

The essay will be a rhetorical analysis of a scholarly journal article about Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”. I have included a scholarly journal article. The “natures paradoxicality in stephen cranes the open boat” pdf. The analysis may be based on this, or any other scholarly journal article about “The Open Boat”. Write one paragraph each for Structure, Language, and Reference. Structure, Language and Reference are defined in the “writing conventions chart” pdf. Once you have the three body paragraphs written, you can formulate a short introduction and conclusion that provide the context for your analysis. Address an audience of students who are interested in learning how to write in the disciplines; suggest to them that one of the best ways they can learn about the disciplines is to analyze a prime specimen from disciplinary writing: a scholarly journal article. Explain that you will use the SLR method of analysis formulated by Linton, Madigan, and Johnson in their article “Introducing Students to Disciplinary Genres: The Role of the General Composition Course.” This article is included (It is the pdf “introducing students to disciplinary genres”). Then state a thesis at the end of the introduction that sounds something like this: By examining the Structure, Language, and Reference conventions of (name the authors’) scholarly journal article (give the title), we can see how well (or how poorly or how fairly, depending on what you find) a scholarly journal article follows certain conventions associated with that discipline.