Relate the articles to each other

For your assignment, you will submit 2 pages with the following:1. A link to your chosen article and its reference information.2. Relate the articles to each other3. A brief overview of what research question the paper addressed.4. WHY you found this article personally interesting or relevant to your own life.5. How you think this paper will benefit other students and our class discussions and what students will “get out of” reading it. Will it provide a novel set of perspectives that will likely otherwise be overlooked? Will it provide us with a better understanding of how belonging is measured or studied, or the difficulties in doing so? Will it examine unique contexts that might show different findings than mainstream research? Whatever you are thinking, please go into clear and meaningful detail about your reasoning. We want to avoid stopping at superficial levels of thinking (for example, all papers will present a “unique finding” but that alone doesn’t mean a particular finding deserves our time in class). What will students get out of The essay needs to address a question or topic that is of special interest to youBe written in a way that you feel is accessible (in other words, you feel confident that you can understand the ideas and methods presented in the paper).