Provide a list of \ cultural differences that you can identify.

Type your name and student id in the header of the assignment. It is expected that your assignment will probably fill 2 to 3 pages of typing in 11pt Arial on A4 paper with normal margins (for MS Word). Read the case of “The floundering expatriate” then: 1) start an integrated review of the cultural differences in the case study by nominating at least four cases of cultural differences. Start by writing a premise of cultural differences that will focus your review. 2a) Provide a list of \ cultural differences that you can identify. 2b) describe each cultural difference by referring to a dimension from any relevant cultural model and a description of the pole on that dimension. You can cite the model by just stating the name of the originator in brackets afterward, e.g., (Hofstede), (GLOBE), (Hall & Hall)… (An example of a dimension is Uncertainty Avoidance and of the pole high or low -followed by a description of its meaning (Hofstede). 2c) Describe what the result or the importance of the cultural difference in the case was or could be, by referring to the case study events or the potential implications for the case study events if the cultural difference remains. 3) After the review of at least four cultural differences present a conclusion to show that your premise was supported or altered by your four arguments about the examples. During your assignment timeline, you will probably work on 2 a), b), & c), and first, then 1) and then 3). Applicable rubric: AssignmentsShow more