Primo Levi’s book; the reawakening.

The original title of Primo Levi’s description of his long voyage home from Auschwitz to Italy was titled The Truce. By analyzing the social, cultural, and economic dynamics described in his book, why do you think he chose “truce” instead of other possible alternatives? Answer this question in 4-6 double-spaced pages, Times New Roman 12-point font. A successful essay will 1) use specific examples to support your points from throughout the book; 2) include an introduction and a conclusion that links your analysis to the wider themes discussed in class; 3) avoid using dictionary definitions of truce or other relevant keywords, instead relying on historical context to explain the resonance and meaning of the words; and 4) specify aspects of Levi’s argument embedded in his choice of “truce” as opposed to other similar but different options he might have chosen