Prepare an office memorandum to answer this question:

– Prepare an office memorandum to answer this question:

You are a paralegal working in Plentibux & Moore, a boutique Miami firm that specializes in white-collar criminal defense. The senior partner in the firm, Bob Plentibux calls you into his office and tells you that he has a hot issue for you to research. The United States Attorney, Dirk Lynch, has indicated that he intends to call the firm’s best paralegal, Jack Starr, as a witness in a case pending in New York City. For the past six months, Jack has conducted witness interviews, case research, and document review in the most important murder case in the firm.

Mr. Plentibux is concerned about what they can make Jack say and wants to know what the limits of paralegal confidentiality are in Florida. He tells you to look at Florida’s applicable law and to conduct a Nexis Uni search to find some cases and applicable Rules to answer the question. Mr. Plentibux also hands a handwritten note containing a website page that he said might help start your research as well as a website containing a sample internal memo.

Below are the two websites written on the paper:

The Florida Bar-

CUNY School of Law-