Is Raya a LGBTQ+ figure or is that just an actress saying that?

Raya and the Dragon (2021) was the first SE Asian Princess in Disney’s lineup. She represented many things to many people such as the first SE Asian Princess or the first LGQ+ princess?Who are the SE Asian Story Trust and how did they come to make this story? Is Raya a LGBTQ+ figure or is that just an actress saying that? How did they come up with the story?Answer: What does Raya represent in light of the history of marginalization of Asian American female actresses (see Anna May Wong actress forced roles “Dragon Lady “ or “Geisha Girl”, or “ Lotus Blossom). Is she an improvement or does she have the same tropes?Address Topic A, B, C following in the paper and answer if these are an “authentic” representation of SE Asian culture:Topic A: Weather, Architecture of Buildings, 5 lands, clothes, food/drink, music (sounds), religion (spirits), SE Asian Story TrustTopic B: Asian people, language, animals, culture, depiction of Asian Female/ MaleTopic C: Disney Origin of the SE Asian Story Trust (who , what , where, when, how), Disney other Princess Film and the other Trust Moana Pacific Trust and Mulan ( Was there a Trust). This paper you compare and contrast other Disney Princesses of Color Story Trusts.- 5-10 Quotes from our Books, readings & connect to your paper – 5-10 Quotes from Books, academic articles, Journals (No internet sources allowed, no wikipedia, Use JSTOR, Googlescholar, Lexius Nexius etc)-Title Study: Your study must be about a selected aspect _____? (line 2)-Thesis: what are you trying to prove or argue (line 3)-Abstract/Content of Study (one paragraph): who/ what/where/why and how are you studying this? Should be First Paragraph-Significance of Study (Paragraph 2): Why is your study worth doing?-Literature Review- describe major studies – show significance (Paragraph 3-4) this is where you bring in your 5 citations-Literature Review/ HISTORY Context of Study. Where does your study fit into the existing scholarship on you & show HISTORY of the item -Limits of Study: what did you not have a chance to study-Further Research: Would be your second connecting study -Reference: (Prefer Chicago Bib styles)