How do you justify the use of the sampling method?

Dissertation Chapter 3 – Research Method
Please find uploaded Chapter 2 for review and reference to continue for chapter 3 ,below checklist/ guideline please follow:
– Research design
1. have you clearly stated the research strategy/ approach used?
2. What’s your research method, such as quantitative research, qualitative research, cross-sectional research justified?

– Target population
1. Have you prescribed the characteristics of your target population

– Sampling Method
1. Have you set out your sampling criteria, i.e. from whom and how you may get the information you need?
2. have you specified the sampling methods used e.g. convenience sampling, purposive sampling and snowball sampling?
3. How do you justify the use of the sampling method?

Conduct pilot study with around 20 samples and conduct the Cronbach’s Alpha test, if the values >0.7, then you can do the mass survey, if your research is qualitative, then you need to conduct one interview as a pilot study