How did they decide on the payment amount and why? How much was the reported cost of the program?

Hello class! The purpose of this assignment is to offer practice in thinking about the parts of a grant proposal and to get you thinking about an original project that you might develop as a final project for this course. For that, we’re going to use the “6 P’s” of writing grant proposals. Instructions: First, read Chapter One of the digital textbook. Then, review the website and descriptions of the Color Me Back Program below. Finally, briefly (two or three complete sentences) write a response in your own words to each of the paradigm descriptions below. In other words: How do the 6 P’s apply to the Color Me Back Program? Attach a Microsoft Word document with your answers. Put your name, instructor’s name, course info, and date the project is due. Then, write the 6 P’s with each one of your answers. You’re not writing an essay, engaging in a discussion, or replying to a classmate. PLEASE check your spelling! This is crucial for your professional image. Color Me Back: A Same Day Work and Pay Program – Mural Arts Philadelphia Mural Arts Philadelphia The 6 P’s: Patron: Who funds this project? Why would they want to fund it? Population: Who does the problem affect? That is, who has a stake in seeing that there is a solution to the problem? Problem: What are the main problems addressed? How could research shed light on these problems to emphasize their scale, scope, and importance? What sources of information about the problem would the patron find most persuasive? Paradigm: What disciplines (., computer science, marketing, education, psychology, etc.) might be useful in developing ways to measure the importance for action? What specific types of research evidence might support a program of this type Plan: How might this program inspire other creative grant proposals Price: How did they decide on the payment amount and why? How much was the reported cost of the program?Show more