Fluency and Content Area Textbook Activity – Accuracy, Expression, and Rate

Fluency and Content Area Textbook Activity – Accuracy, Expression, and RateDeveloping a Diagnostic Assessment (CBM) Use Intervention Central’s “Reading Passage Generator” to create one fluency assessment. This reading passage must be either from the content area text or related to the content area subject (science, social studies, math, etc.). Type the passage (or copy/paste digitally) into the website. Provide the reading passage you created by using Intervention Central (https://www.interventioncentral.org/teacher-resources/oral-reading-fluency-passages-generator). This can be attached as a separate document or embedded in your MS Word doc. The document needs to display the student’s passage, the teacher passage with word count, and the readability statistics. Here is an article for Understanding All of Those Readability Formulas (https://readabilityformulas.com/search/pages/Readability_Results/). Discuss the need to determine whether a passage is grade-level appropriate and discuss the results of the readability analyses. Use the articles below (and in content section) to answer: What can you do to make this passage more reader-friendly to the students who are in your class? 5 Easy Tips to Lower Your Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score ( and Adapting Documents for the Classroom: Equity and Access ( Section 2: Administration and Interpreting Results Administer the fluency assessment created to test at least three students’ reading fluency and account for reading rate (automaticity), accuracy, and expression. Reading Rate (Automaticity) Provide each student’s raw data results separately and compare to target norms for words correct per minute (WCPM) and discuss what the results indicate. Fluency Norms Chart ( RUBRIC (Yes, the chart stops at 6th grade as research indicates these are the numbers of WCPM necessary for comprehension.) Now discuss the scores you would give the student using the link to the rubric below: Accuracy- Provide each student’s raw data results (WCPM / words attempted = percentage). Prosody Discuss how you can measure prosody (expression, intonation, etc.) THERE ARE TWO RUBRICS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE USE EXAMPLES OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BECAUSE I WORK FOR A HIGH SCHOOL. MY STUDENTS ARE ESOL STUDENTS. Please write a conclusion that describes, based on the administration and interpretation what you would do to assist the three students with increasing their fluency. If you’d like to pick just one part to focus on, that is fine. Otherwise, lay out your plan for what comes next. Please use your course text as a reference for strategies. Please use APA formatting and include a title page and reference page. Hide Assignment Information Turnitin Turnitin enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.Show more