Find one scholarly article on your narrowed topic.

General topic: Make a list of topics in public health that are of interest to you. Include a few broad topics.
Select the Broad Topic that is most interesting to you.
Narrowing the Topic: Go to the TCC Online Library. Select one of the general topics and use a database to search for sources on that general topic. Consider limiting your search to scholarly articles and current information. Note how your broad topic is narrowed in the articles. Write at least three ways that your broad topic can be narrowed.
Select one of the narrowed topics.
Narrow your Research: Find one scholarly article on your narrowed topic. Include the information about the source in APA Reference form.

Example 1:

1. General Public Health Topics of Interest to Me: Gender Bias, Inequity in Incarceration, Food Insecurity

2. General Topic that is Most Interesting to Me: Inequality in Incarceration

3. Ways to Narrow the General Topic of Inequality in Incarceration.

Why there are higher numbers of minority children incarcerated as compared with white children?
Are women treated differently when convicted?
Are children from homes with lower economic status incarcerated at a higher rate and why?
4. Narrowed Topic:

Criminal incarcerations have an impact on a community’s health. Are women treated differently in sentencing when convicted of a crime?
5. Nagel, H., & Jahon, B.L. (2014) The Role of Gender in Criminal Sentencing: The Policy of Sentencing Female Offenders Under the United States Sentencing Guidelines. Journal of Criminology, 85(1), n, 181-192.