Explore the concerns/issues you faced as a teenager.

You can make up anything as long as it follows my instructors instructions. I uploaded a power point from chapter 1 Reflect upon your life including your experiences from birth through adolescence and your reasons for becoming a social worker. This is not a full self-revelation of all of your life experiences, but look at key factors that led you to this career.Using the introductory course materials we have read so far (chapter 1), what influenced your life course? Identify, define and apply 4 theories/perspectives and 8 concepts that can help you further understand your previous life stages that brought you to where you are now. Underline the applied concepts and theories.Explore the concerns/issues you faced as a teenager. Incorporate, as appropriate, any possible impact on culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, physical/cognitive/developmental factors, socio- economic status, spirituality or other aspects of the human condition which impact your worldview.