Explain the most prominent consequences of poverty.

This essay should cover all of Unit 1. The essay should be no less than 1500 words. Do not use direct quotes and do not use bullet points. Make sure your essay is in narrative form and is written in your own words. Make sure to cite the text book. Be sure to cover the following all of the follow topics from the chapters in unit 1: define ″social problem.″ explain the difference between the objective and subjective components of social problems. explain the process of social research and why scholars who study social problems often rely on existing data. describe problems in the measurement of official poverty. describe racial/ethnic differences in the poverty rate and discuss how family structure is related to the poverty rate. explain the most prominent consequences of poverty. discuss why the familiar saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same” applies to the history of race and ethnicity in the United States. discuss why race is a social construction.