Evaluate family needs according to the family systems model.

Special PopulationsPS450-5: Evaluate family needs according to the family systems model.Read the following research article about homelessness and addiction located in the Purdue Global Library:Malte, C. A., Cox, K., & Saxon, A. J. (2017). Providing intensive addiction/housing case management to homeless veterans enrolled in addiction treatment: A randomized controlled trial. Psychology of Addictive Behavior, 31(3), 231–241. (see attached file)Case managers find that those who belong to special populations (e.g., homeless veterans) benefit from family involvement in treatment. Before family members can be of assistance to the client though, they often need help in understanding addiction and their own role in family dysfunction. In this assignment, you will practice evaluating these needs as well as explaining the challenges that communities face in providing such services. In an expository essay, responding to the following questions using the the article above as references.