Donald N. McCloskey.

Please read the book The Rhetorical Tradidion by Patricia Bizzell and Bruce Herzberg and consider is Donald N. McCloskey. “advocate” with your “audience” in the group which theoriest you will “argue” for (or against?). Please write your collective responses to the following propmpts 1, How is your thinker a “rationalist” in terms of their rhetorical theory 2, What are the pros of such a rationalized rhetoric? 3, What are some cons/drawbacks to rationalizing rhetorical theory? 4, What does it mean to think of rhetoric as “argument” and “advocacy”) prepare to ADVOCATE for your thinker (McCloskey) in our next class providing a brief synopsis using their original writing (vs. what Herrick or Bizzell/Herzberg have to say) in terms of what you see as their contribution to rhetorical theory.