Discussion: Sensemaking and Knowledge Management.

Discussion: Sensemaking and Knowledge Management Sensemaking and knowledge management (KM) complement each other, providing a powerful resource for leaders to use in their decision making, strategic planning, and change management. During the past 8 weeks of the course, you have studied sensemaking, including the four frames of reframing and the use of metaphors. These are some of the tools to help a manager make sense of, and communicate about, an organization. Although new technologies and tools are available, managing information and knowledge is still challenging, and the effective flow of information is critical for success (Yao, Othman, Abdalla, & Jing, 2011). In preparation for this Discussion, review the suggested reading and other sources to Define sensemaking and knowledge management (KM) Learn about the development of knowledge management during the past few decades Identify the differences, similarities, and relationship of sensemaking and KM. Look for additional source to complement the suggested readings for this week. There is a great deal of research in the literature on KM and sensemaking. Day 3: Initial Post Post by Day 3 a proposal to integrate sensemaking into a knowledge management system that might be presented by a consulting firm to an organization of your choice.