Discussion on Season 2 of ‘The Wire’.

Watch season 2 of The wire and complete a critical discussion on it. As for theories, pay close attention to the readings from week six (these 4 readings will be attached below), mention them explicitly. But use everything youve been given that you consider relevant exercise good judgment. This is not primarily a research-driven assessment: its about close critical observation and sustained reflection, as well as the development and application of skills. In 2021, make sure you focus on the intersection of race, class, and gender in season two of The Wire. You can emphasise one or more of these axes of analysis, but do not neglect any of them totally. Your submission should ideally be a free-flowing discussion of the series that is clear, sharp, demonstrates understanding of the global crime-relevant issues, and critically evaluates the broader meanings and problems at issue for understanding global crime. Use the course learning outcomes to generate questions for yourself; reverse engineer a good submission by looking closely at the rubric (next page). Calderoni, Francesco. (2012). The structure of drug trafficking mafias: the Ndrangheta and cocaine, Crime, Law and Social Change, 58:3, 321349. https:// Varese, Federico. (2012). How Mafias Take Advantage of Globalization: The Russian Mafia in Italy, The British Journal of Criminology, 52: 2, 235253. Benson, Jana and Decker, Scott (2010), The organizational structure of international drug smuggling, Journal of Criminal Justice, 38:2, 130138. Kenney, Michael. (2007). The Architecture of Drug Trafficking: Network Forms of Organisation in the Colombian Cocaine Trade, Global Crime, 8:3, 233259. Course Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify and analyse key trends and patterns in contemporary cross-border criminal activity 2. Appraise how theory allows us to look for and analyse patterns in global criminal activity 3. Research recent developments in relation to a key global crime issue drawing on appropriate scholarly and institutional data and resources 4. Reflect upon and debate the strategies employed by national and supranational actors pertaining to a particular global crime issue I will attach the rubric down below to carefully follow. (Except don’t pay any attention to rubric point. 4 where it talks about a ‘group presentation’).Show more